Professional hairdressing brushes

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What perfection will look like if we talk about beauty accessories – this is the key question the founders of the Vess brand asked themselves, and soon they decided to bring the ambitious idea to life. Today the brand is known for providing effective hair care solutions based on effective formulas and scientific approach.

Collaboration with specialists from different fields – biochemists, hairdressers, as well as technologists worked on the development of products aimed at rejuvenation and recovery – helped to create best and unusual hairdressing brushes. Innovation is not the only achievement of the Vess team, the collections also include improved versions of classic models.

The birthplace of the brand is Japan, where beauty rituals differ significantly from European ones. Eastern practitioners pay attention to the composition of the preparations and the method of application, and therefore the presented accessories differ in design features and quality. The creation of useful gadgets has shaped the future of the company. Having presented its inventions to the market, the brand soon gained trust at home, and the recognition of beauty masters from other countries was not long in coming.

The company is developing in the world of beauty, releasing functional products for daily professional use. The combination of research-based innovation has brought worldwide recognition and good reviews on thematic sites. Vess brush has an audience of more than fifty countries, which only reinforces the premium status of the brand.

Of course, a professional tool has all the advantages over a conventional one. These advantages include base material, bristle quality and ease of use. But the most important thing in the inseparable tandem of a hairdryer and brushing is naturalness, since the waves and curls are very soft and natural. Professional hairdressing brushes are heat-resistant, hence the name thermo-brushing. They are resistant to the high temperatures of the hair dryer and has a special base design with many holes. Through these holes, air passes through the base and is perfectly distributed on different sides of the brush, which is why the drying process is much better and faster.

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