The best professional hairdressing combs

Products of Japanese manufacturers BEUY PRO and LEADER, which were created in order to simplify the work of the master, can now be purchased in our online shop at an affordable price.

This brand’s combs have been popular for the last 40 years since the first product was released. The range consists of professional tools, although common people can also use them for easy styling.

The right tool allows the craftsman to get the job done quickly without feeling tired. The manufacturer calls its products “an extension of the hairdresser’s hands.”

It is convenient to use combs on short hair, so the tools of the Japanese company are widely used in barbershops.

If you are going to use them for yourself, start from the color of your own curls. If accessories are needed for a salon or barbershop, buy a set from different collections and shades to make your job easier. Remember that a carefully selected instruments will delight you for years to come.

These tools have thin, tapered teeth to help thin the hair. Its shape is suitable for working in different areas of the head and allows you to cut in hard-to-reach places such as behind the ears. Beuy Pro light combs are designed for dark curls, dark ones for light curls. The right accessory creates contrast and allows you to clearly see the strands while cutting and styling. The company offers sets of thermoplastic material – polyacetal, which is resistant to high temperatures. It also has a high coefficient of friction, so products made from it will last long enough.

There are different types of instrument: to make bouffant, for combing curls, to straight curls, for volume, to create perfect smoothness, etc. That is, to shape a particular styling, the master can use two or even more combs. These items interact directly with the client’s hair and are of great help in cutting and styling. They are chosen depending on the type of hair, length and condition, as well as depending on what kind of styling needs to be done. This selection is not a simple process as it might seem at first sight, because an incorrectly selected tool can damage the hair.

Our internet store of hairdressing equipment is located in Slovenia but you can buy our instruments from anywhere in Europe. By purchasing goods in our online shop, you can always be confident in the originality and quality of goods, as well as in the reliability and guarantees of the service.