Professional hairdressing scissors

One of the best quality scissors from Japan. Fantastic sharpness from the classical body has been gained favor from hairdressers from all over the world due to supreme mastery and skill by Japanese experienced craftsman. The choicest Cobalt Alloy for sharpness and longevity. Wings scissors have been supplied to Sassoon Academy over 30 years.

Each person, deciding to go to the salon, pays attention not only to the skill of the specialists working there, but also to the hairdressing accessories that they use. All items should look aesthetically pleasing and perform their functions efficiently.

The specialists of our online store in Slovenia will be happy to advise you on the advantages of a particular product in one direction, since each manufacturer has its own characteristics. The main thing is to buy something that will be convenient for you to use, regardless of the price and the brand.

In the case when you need to buy professional hairdressing scissors, such indicators as ergonomics, quality of steel and workmanship, which are responsible for durability, and, of course, for sharpening the blades, will be important.

Products of world famous Japanese manufacturers GREEN MOUSE, WINGS, YASAKA, which were created in order to simplify the work of the master, you can now buy in our online shop at an affordable price.

Almost all scissors in our internet store are ergonomic (Offset or Semi Offset), the rings in them are distinguished by a multilevel arrangement, which in turn provides greater comfort when working with them and reduces the tension of the Master’s hand even after prolonged use. They have a Japanese type of sharpening, which is performed at an angle of 38 to 42 degrees. The distinctive characteristics of such instrument are the high sharpness of the blade, the convexity of the blades, and the unique thickness of the cutting edge, which does NOT exceed the thickness of a human hair. It is these parameters that provide a perfectly smooth, high-precision cut.

Along the length of the working blade, hairdressing scissors are divided into:

  • long (up to 6 cm), used for men’s haircuts;
  • medium length (up to 5.5 cm), suitable for both women’s and men’s haircuts;
  • short (no more than 4.5 cm), are used for women’s haircuts and involve cutting the strands along the inside of the fingers.

Since the length affects on the amount of steel used in the production, the price of the “unit” also depends on this parameter.

Here you can also find both thinning scissors, which allow the hairdresser to develop his own individual “handwriting” and differ from other professionals, and scissors for left-handers, which greatly facilitates the work.

Buying the right tool is a big responsibility, because you need to choose the one that will serve not a month or two, but several years. In order for this to become possible, you must initially not save on the purchase, as well as follow certain selection rules – consult sellers and read reviews.

Our internet store of hairdressing equipment located in Slovenia but you can buy our instruments from anywhere in Europe at an affordable price.